David Barton Price


I coach and mentor individuals and groups to help them obtain clarity in what they want in life and then help and support them to achieve their dreams.

Arts for Life

I have recently started working alongside London based charity Arts for Life Who support and champion young people and their families’ emotional health and wellbeing through the therapeutic value of the creative arts.


I bring my unique blend of coaching and mentoring to help the young people and their families navigate their current challenges and push them out of their comfort zones to achieve things they never thought possible.

I’m currently working with the charity to complete a major challenge and fund raiser in 2024 for the young people and there families such as a fire walk over burning coals!

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

I have been a mentor for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards for the last decade.  

It’s a 5-day residential leadership course for 16 & 17 year old where we help them develop both their leadership and team building skills through various challenges that include problem solving, communication, organisation, delegation and teamwork.

These include building a zip line over a 60 foot ravine, sleeping out in the woods in a shelter they build themselves, to having to build and race their own raft. The sort of leadership course normally reserved for corporate clients in their 30’s or 40’s rather than 16 year old.

Cat Zero

Also, for the last fifteen years I have volunteered as sea staff for the charity Cat Zero.

Working with young people from hugely disadvantaged backgrounds around Hull & Grimsby the aim of the charity is to help them into employment, education and training or simply on the path towards their goals.

One tool we use to do this is the charity owned 72-foor challenge racing yacht. I volunteer as sea staff where we take the young people on a 10 day voyage, sailing 4 hours on watch, 4 hours of watch, non-stop, night and day!


The first few days are hugely challenging for the young people as sea sickness, home sickness and being in a completely alien environment kick in. However, by the end of the adventure the young people are running all aspects of the voyage from helming, sail changes, navigation and passage planning down to cooking for 16 people in a cramped galley with the boat heaving over on its side in the winds!

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“If you don’t step out of your comfort zone and face your fears, the number of situations that make you uncomfortable will keep growing.”

- Theo Pistorius